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Toyota Official: Recall May Not ‘Totally’ Do the Trick

At a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing today, a senior Toyota executive said that the repairs administered in the company’s recent mass recall may “not totally” solve the “sudden unintended acceleration” problem plaguing its vehicles.

We need to be vigilant and continue to investigate all the complaints of the consumers,” Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. president James E. Lentz said, acknowledging the possibility of a “mechanical, human or… other type of error.”

The company is also investigating whether the issue may have been caused by the electronics system in the cars, Lentz said, a possibility that the company had previously ruled out. Toyota has recalled over 8 million vehicles worldwide (more than 6 million in the U.S.) since last fall, following complaints that the accelerator pedals can become stuck.

Toyota Official Says Recall May Not Fully Solve Safety Problem [NYT]

Toyota Official: Recall May Not ‘Totally’ Do the Trick