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Goldman Spokesman Lucas Van Praag Takes On Mythic Proportions

We’ve noticed that in the recent coverage of Goldman spokesman and Daily Intel muse Lucas Van Praag, mortal journalists seem to find it neccessary to stretch their vocabulary when describing the man. This may be in deference to Van Praag’s own splendiferous vocabulary, or, more likely, because ordinary words are not enough to define a person that is so exotic, magnificent — indeed, magical — that some, like David Weidner at MarketWatch, wonder if, in fact, he is actually a man at all.

He has been cast as Goldman’s Chimera, at least in the classic sense. He is at times a serpent, a goat and the firm’s lion depending on the audience … Van Praag’s emergence as the face of the serpent doesn’t necessarily mean he’s in trouble or that he’s doing a bad job. Goldman is responsible for the actions of Goldman. Van Praag is responsible for explaining why. He’s doing it with a lot of vituperation, hurling gasconade upon foofaraw — which is exactly why they hired the beast to begin with.”

Also, he can never be killed. Not even by Hercules. So don’t even try it, Lloyd.

Goldman’s Gatekeeper Is A Three-Headed Beast [Marketwatch]

Goldman Spokesman Lucas Van Praag Takes On Mythic Proportions