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Obama Reveals He ‘Broke Someone’s Arm’ As a Child in Indonesia

After canceling his trip to Indonesia this week, President Obama tried to make up for it by gamely sitting down for an interview with Indonesian news network anchor Putra Nababan. At the end, Obama was tossed a range of softballs about his time growing up in the country (e.g. “Is it true you used to tease your female classmates to get their attention?”). Then, out of nowhere, Nababan came at the president with: “Do you remember breaking someone’s arm?”

Yes, I do,” Obama responded, after a brief pause. “We were riding a bike together. And he fell. I was very traumatized. We fell on the bike. Please tell him that I apologize. I felt so bad. I remember feeling terrible.”

While our initial reaction was surprise that whoever this victim was hasn’t tried to cash in with an OK! magazine interview or something, we were even more intrigued when we noticed on a second viewing that Nababan murmured something about a “tickle fight” causing the accident. Of course. Just when it seemed like there might be something even vaguely scandalous lurking in Obama’s past, it somehow turns out to be just another adorable anecdote.

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Obama Reveals He ‘Broke Someone’s Arm’ As a Child in Indonesia