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Bank of America: They Steal Parrots, Don’t They?

Whoever is keeping track of the list of houses on which Bank of America is supposed to be foreclosing must be indulging in too much Boone’s Farm. Last month, representatives of the bank foreclosed on the wrong house, and this month, according to the Journal, a contractor for the bank went into the home of a borrower who was not in default while she was out, cut off her utilities, padlocked her door, and confiscated her ten-year-old pet parrot, Luke. The woman, Angela Iannelli, is suing, claiming that being separated from the parrot gave her “emotional distress.” It didn’t help that their customer service was terrible.

Ms. Iannelli, who owns a diner and works part-time as a bartender, said Bank of America representatives weren’t helpful when she called in to protest. They first denied knowing where the parrot was, and later told her she could go to the offices of the contractor, about 80 miles away, to retrieve the bird herself. Ms. Iannelli said bank representatives also told her they were “tired” of hearing from her, hung up on her and advised her to seek help from the police.

But at least they’re not charging overdraft fees anymore!

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Bank of America: They Steal Parrots, Don’t They?