Bill Clinton Makes ‘Em Laugh at the Gridiron Dinner

For the second consecutive year, President Obama didn’t make it to the Gridiron Dinner, D.C.’s annual meeting of politicians and the press, but President Clinton did. And by all accounts, Bubba rocked the house.

Clinton opened his set at the camera-free dinner by telling the crowd he didn’t have anything better to do last night and said he was eager for Democrats to pass health care. “It may not happen in my lifetime, or Dick Cheney’s, but hopefully by Easter,” he said. Sticking to the theme of his impending death, Clinton said his new favorite cocktail is “Lipitor on the rocks.”

Oh, there were a lot more jokes:

On Obama’s recent appearance on Fox News: He was “keeping his word about meeting with hostile leaders without preconditions.”

On Rahm Emanuel, who worked in the Clinton White House: “I found Rahm. I created him. I made him what he is today. I am so sorry.”

On why he was free last night: “I have been waiting to stand in for President Obama for a long time,” he said, “ and since they turned me down for Dancing With the Stars, I had nothing better to do.”

On Orrin Hatch, who spoke earlier in the evening: “Orrin, he’s the wittiest of all the Republicans. That ‘s sort of like saying he’s the tallest of the Seven Dwarfs.”

On Democrats seeking kickbacks to vote for the health-care legislation: “I flew here from Cleveland, and I flew out of the Dennis Kucinich Airport.”

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Bill Clinton Makes ‘Em Laugh at the Gridiron Dinner