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CBS Turned Down Chance to Interview Tiger

Tiger Woods spoke to reporters last night for the first time since his affairs became public knowledge, but the interviews were notable — in addition to demonstrating the golfer’s continued evasiveness — for the unusual time restrictions, as both ESPN and the Golf Channel were given only five minutes to interview the embattled superstar.

Well, the New York Times reports today that CBS was offered an interview as well, but turned it down when they were told about the five-minute limit, knowing that two other networks were already signed on to air interviews. CBS is airing the Masters, where Tiger will be making his return to golf next month, so it would have made sense for the network to air the interview, but CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus declined, deciding — as the Times puts it — “CBS was not likely to be able to get much more information from Woods than either of the sports cable channels” in the designated amount of time.

Depending on the specifics, we are interested in an extended interview without any restrictions on CBS,” CBS Sports spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade told the AP.

Eh. Save your money, CBS; we say focus on scoring a Sandra Bullock sit-down. Or at least an interview with “Bombshell” McGee.

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CBS Turned Down Chance to Interview Tiger