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ChatRoulette Creator May Be Coming to America

ChatRoulette creator Andrey Ternovskiy could soon be living out the American Dream 2.0: create a buzzy Internet start-up … and then come to the U.S. and reap the rewards. The 17-year-old Russian high-school student who developed the online phenomenon has reportedly applied for a visa to come to the U.S.

The site has leaped from 500 users in December 2009 to 1.5 million daily visitors today, making it a dream for investors. However, because the site is currently unfinanced and noncommercial, Ternovskiy is in an interesting position, with the opportunity to choose between taking money from Russian investors or coming to America and seeing what Silicon Valley has to offer. And you can guess how the Russians feel about this! Hoping to “break the American hegemony in cyberspace,” they reportedly (and unsurprisingly) are intent on Ternovskiy staying put.

Come to America, Andrey. You think the crazies hanging out on your site are good for some amusement? Wait until you get to Hollywood.

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ChatRoulette Creator May Be Coming to America