intel Snags Two Ellies

The American Society of Magazine Editors just announced this afternoon that won its second General Excellence National Magazine Award in a row. How to respond? We guess Sandra Bullock said it best: “Did we really earn this, or did we just wear you all down?” (And we, like Sandy, are still holding a grudge against George Clooney for that time he threw us in a pool.)

New York and National Geographic both took home two National Magazine Awards from the ceremony. Nat Geo won for Photography and Community, while New York also won for Multimedia Feature for our fashion coverage. Other winners included for best use of mobile media, for best design, the Virginia Quarterly Review for news reporting, Foreign Policy for blogging, and Sports Illustrated for best regular section. The speech of the day, however, was Michael Kinsley’s hilarious response as he was inducted into the Magazine Editor Hall of Fame, in which he self-deprecatingly recounted his “five minutes” as editor of The New Yorker — while Si Newhouse looked impassively on. [] Snags Two Ellies