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Governor Paterson Sends Kirsten Gillibrand an Ominous Warning

Governor Paterson is apparently confident enough about his current situation to begin calling out those who he believes betrayed him when he was at his most vulnerable. This morning, Don Imus asked Paterson what he thought about Kirsten Gillibrand — whom Paterson personally elevated from little-known congresswomen to little-known senator a year ago — throwing him “under the bus.” Gillibrand had said that Paterson should resign if the reports about him meddling in a domestic-violence dispute were true. Here’s what Paterson thinks about that:

Whenever you get in a jam, there are people who will throw you under the bus. Whenever you watch a movie or whenever you read a book about someone that’s in terrible, in a difficult situation, there are always those who do that.They just don’t expect you to get out from under the bus. And when you do, they should be forewarned.”

Time to cower in fear, Gillibrand — you may have just lost the support of one of the most unpopular and legally endangered governors in the country.

Paterson, back from under the bus [Ben Smith/Politico]

Governor Paterson Sends Kirsten Gillibrand an Ominous Warning