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Gwyneth Paltrow Continues Dietary Path of Destruction

Gwyneth Paltrow cannot be stopped! The state of Tennessee, where she is filming Love Don’t Let Me Down, has awakened a beast within her. A hungry beast. After last week’s fried-chicken extravaganza, we assumed lithe Gwyneth would be sated for at least a month, if not longer. But according to this week’s GOOP newsletter, her binge is still going.

We indulged one afternoon with a remarkably delectable Sundae here at this old-fashioned Ice Cream Shop …The Sundae was perfect, not too large, made with good vanilla ice cream, drenched in chocolate and peanuts, and with just the right amount of toffee.

Soon she’ll be in Kirstie Alley territory. Cannot. Wait.

GOOP [via Us]
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Gwyneth Paltrow Continues Dietary Path of Destruction