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In New York, Even a Guy Accused of Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud Can Get a Girlfriend

In New York, it’s common knowledge that the dating pool is so unfairly skewed toward dudes that smart, cool, attractive women frequently feel like their only option is to date the kind of guys who would, in a fair and just world, be considered not only well below their station but would be altogether shunned by society for being basically hideous monsters. A number of dudes who work on Wall Street or who are affiliated with the magazine N+1 fit this description. So does Adam Hochfelder, a young real-estate developer who, back in 2008, was indicted for stealing more than $17 million from banks, business associates, relatives, and friends, including a member of his wedding party, and who was indicted again last month for stealing another $2.5 million from investors.

Part of the reason for Hochfelder’s deception, his lawyers say, was his cocaine problem, which was so bad that he couldn’t, his lawyers say, “tell fantasy from reality.” Hochfelder eventually had to have multiple operations to repair the damage he did to his nose. But despite all of this — the fact that he lied and betrayed everyone he has ever known, the fact that he has rather a lot of debt and no means of paying it off thanks to his ruined reputation, the fact that on top of all of this he has two kids in private school — Hochfelder managed to find a new girlfriend:

Court records show that Mr. Hochfelder and his wife, Amy Meadow, were divorced last August. He is currently engaged to Lisa Damiani, a children’s voice coach.

On the plus side, possibly he is tall?

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In New York, Even a Guy Accused of Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud Can Get a Girlfriend