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Jamie Jungers Is the Best Tiger Woods Mistress Ever

We’ve known for a long time that there was something special about Jamie Jungers, one of Tiger Woods’s most outspoken mistresses. It’s not just that her name sounds like a euphemism for boobs, or that she was the first to claim she was “in love” with Tiger. No — there’s something else about her. And Howard Stern saw it, too, apparently. In his Tiger Woods Mistress Competition and Fashion Show yesterday, he crowned Jungers the best mistress of them all — leaving poor Jaimee Grubbs and some call girl in the dust. (Can call girls really be called mistresses? We guess Howard Stern, of anyone, would know.) What is it about Jamie that is so special?

It’s that she knows exactly what we want to know, and dishes it out. From the Post’s recap of the Stern show:

She also said that she was with Tiger the night that his dad died in 2006. She claimed that he had gone to visit his father, Earl, in the hospital hours before he passed away. He then went to visit her and had sex. She said she was in bed with him at about 2 or 3 a.m. when he got the call that his father died. She said it was an awkward moment for them.

An awkward moment? An awkward moment during sex is when both people have to ignore strange noises that are created by air pockets between two bodies. Finding out your father died while you are having sex is something else entirely.

But it wasn’t just the willingness to tell that type of upsetting story that makes Jamie a winner. It’s the fact that she, of all the mistresses, was the first to tell us that for Tiger Woods, the distance of nine inches is more than just the length of a gimme putt.

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Jamie Jungers Is the Best Tiger Woods Mistress Ever