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Karl Rove Was Once Beaten Up by a Girl

Karl Rove has a memoir out on Tuesday, and like those in politics tend to, he uses the book as a chance to defend the work he did while in the White House. In Courage and Consequence, Rove denies having any involvement with the prosecution of Don Siegelman and the firing of seven U.S. attorneys, lays into Democrats who accused the White House of lying about weapons of mass destruction, and delivers a big wet smooch to his former boss George W. Bush. But the book’s not all about him. Rove also savages Al Gore for questioning Saddam Hussein’s possession of WMDs as “the most pathetic display of hypocrisy” and accuses President Obama of playing “fast and loose with the facts.” Lest you forget, this is man whose name is now a synonym for dirty politics.

But more interesting than the stories of his time in the Bush Administration is one about the time he got beat up by a girl.

Here’s the story as recounted by the Washington Post’s Steven Livingston:

Almost makes you feel sorry for little Karl Rove. Almost!

Book review: ‘Courage and Consequence’ by Karl Rove [WaPo]

Karl Rove Was Once Beaten Up by a Girl