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Marrying a Gay Man for a Green Card Apparently Not That Awesome

It’s sort of a pat fantasy: You’re a straight woman, your gay, expat friend needs a green card to stay in the country, you figure, “Hey, why not get married? I love spending time with this guy and somebody needs to clean my apartment.” It’s straight out of Will & Grace. But for 31-year-old Samina Khan, the situation didn’t run as smoothly as it did for Jack and Rosario, mostly because Khan didn’t know she was married to a gay dude.

It was completely miserable,” she told the Post, of her marriage to Pakistani Farrukh Khan. “Clearly he just did this for the green card.” Here were her clues:

• The day after they were married, Farrukh started to “just ignore her.”
• Farrukh had claimed to be a “network engineer” with a high salary, but didn’t contribute financially to their relationship and appeared actually only to work at a restaurant.
• Farrukh forced the couple to live with his also-married male best friend, with whom he shared clothes, food, expenses, a commute, and suspiciously long work hours.
• Also, for the entire seven months of their marriage, Farrukh and Samina did not have sex.
• Then she saw him making out with his male friend in her car.

Now, had he just told her he was gay from the get-go, the whole annulment awkwardness could have been avoided in the end! The situation, instead, would have been a rip-roaring good time, with lots of pithy one-liners, pratfalls, and the occasional celebrity cameo when things got desperate. At least, that’s what TV has taught us. As for what’s supposed to happen to the other guy’s poor, unsuspecting, wife: Well, TV has given us no pat story line for her, so that basically just sucks.

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Marrying a Gay Man for a Green Card Apparently Not That Awesome