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We Benefited More From the Bailout Than Anyone

The financial crisis has had many losers. But there have also been number of winners. Among them: people who shorted the subprime market, giant financial institutions that would have otherwise gone under no matter what they say, lawyers who are making bank sorting out Ponzi schemes, McDonald’s. And, it turns out, us!

Through the infusions of capital into its banks, New York has been the biggest beneficiary of the federal assistance of the last two years, Mr. Zandi and other economists said. “One could argue that no city in America got as much government help as New York City,” Mr. Zandi said.

Oh, yeah, sorry, by “us” we meant “New York City.” Sorry, readers in other areas — those of you who can still afford Internet connections, that is.

In New York, Wall Street Bailout Softens the Blow of a Recession [NYT]

We Benefited More From the Bailout Than Anyone