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Pelosi Accepts Praise As ‘Compliment for All Women’

If there was ever a time for Nancy Pelosi to flash that Cheshire Cat grin, we suppose it would be tonight. On this evening’s World News Tonight, Diane Sawyer read an Economist claim that — after last night’s historic achievement — Pelosi is “arguably the most powerful woman in American history,” and also noted a Brown professor’s assertion that she is “certainly the most powerful speaker in one hundred years.” Pelosi acknowledged the lofty praise on behalf of women.

That sounds good. I don’t … take it personally, except I take it as a compliment for all women,” Pelosi said, “Because as the first woman speaker, I certainly wanted to demonstrate that we could get a job done that has eluded others for a century.”

While Pelosi briefly basked in the monumental success of the bill’s passing during the chat, she was sure to give credit to the president, deflecting claims that she put the “steel” in his commitment to a more comprehensive reform bill as “ridiculous.” She said she told him during a congratulatory phone call last night that the vote would not have happened “without his vision.” And questioned about Republican criticism of her aggressive tactics in campaigning for the bill, the speaker seemed unfazed:

Well, you know, some people will do anything for the insurance companies,” she said. “You strive for bipartisanship when you can. When you find your common ground, that’s great. If you don’t find your common ground, you have to stand your ground.”

[Via ABC News]
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Pelosi Accepts Praise As ‘Compliment for All Women’