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Salahis Return With Two-Prong Plan for Commanding Attention

Unrepentant fame whores are like mildew. You can scrub your mind clean of them, and it may seem like they’re gone forever. But then a little time passes, and all of a sudden they are back and worse than ever. Such is the case with Michelle and Tariq Salahi. It’s been months since we’ve heard from the couple who became famous for crashing Obama’s first state dinner at the White House, but today’s Daily Beast reports that they are coming back, twofold.

As it turns out, the footage Bravo shot of the couple’s infamous trip to the White House for The Real Housewives of D.C. will be televised, along with twelve more episodes starring the couple. And then there’s this:

Sources close to the couple say the public has gotten the wrong impression of the Salahis, and that the “misunderstanding” about the White House invitation has turned their lives upside down. They’ve now engaged prominent literary agent Sharlene Martin and they plan to try to set the record straight in an upcoming tell-all book.

It’s hard to imagine what would surprise us about these people, other than finding out that they are not actually empty shells composed of synthetic polymers and powered by aerosol fumes. But we can’t imagine that’s going to happen.

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Salahis Return With Two-Prong Plan for Commanding Attention