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Second New York State Police Chief Quits in Two Weeks

A week after Superintendent Harry Corbitt resigned from his post last Tuesday, his replacement — Pedro Perez — said today that he will be stepping down Friday.

Corbitt resigned a week after he admitted that State Police members had contacted the accuser in the David Johnson assault case. According to the Times, Perez allegedly authorized some of those contacts. Though Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is leading an investigation into the State Police’s involvement in the case, Perez said this is not the reason for his departure.

I know my decisions were honest and rightly motivated … ” Perez said. “My decisions over time, combined with the indication that [Paterson is] seeking a new superintendent and the labor unions’ perception of my ability to lead the agency, have led me to the conclusion that continuing in my position as acting superintendent may be an obstacle to progress of the New York State Police, an agency I love.”

The union has apparently been displeased with Perez owing to his handling of “suspensions and other disciplinary matters.” Yeah, somehow we think his quitting is less about that and more about the fact that the guy is being investigated for a major scandal that he has been proven to be blatantly embroiled in. But that’s just a guess.

State Police Losing Its Second Chief in Two Weeks [City Room/NYT]

Second New York State Police Chief Quits in Two Weeks