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Self-help Author Falls for Oldest Line in the Book

Karen Salmansohn, the author of numerous awesomely named relationship and self-help books, including How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Successful Dog Trainers, How to Be Happy Dammit, How to Succeed in Business Without a Penis, and The Bounce Back Book, has filed suit against the father of her as-yet-unborn child, according to the Post, claiming that he “royally hosed her.” What form did said hosing take, you ask?

Only the oldest, most timeless lie in the book, ever.

The pair met on Aug. 24, 2009, “and commenced a romantic relationship,” the suit says. He told her he’d “moved out of the marital residence and would soon be getting a divorce.”

When she got knocked up, however, he admitted that “neither he nor his wife had filed for divorce yet,” nor did he apparently plan to. Oh, man. This is one of those things that we feel bad snickering about but kind of can’t help it, because, you know, it’s not like you need a book to tell you this is not a great situation to get yourself into. Anyway, we hope Karen will be able to find a way to, er, bounce back successfully. Without a penis.

Self-help author sues man who impregnanted her, promised to leave his wife [NYP]

Self-help Author Falls for Oldest Line in the Book