Standard Hotel Rejects Orgy

The Standard Hotel, which began its life in the meatpacking district by providing an enthusiastic peep show to visitors to the nearby High Line park, has a delicate relationship with the exhibitionists who like to flaunt their stuff in the hotel’s giant windows. Once the Post caught wind of the phenomenon and tutt-tutted them, the hotel’s image managers stopped making such a big deal of it (and the sightings, which some witnesses say happened sort of suspiciously in the same windows, and featured the same people over and over again, simmered down). Yet they still saw fit to allow an orgy fashion shoot to take place in their halls.

So are they pro- or anti-orgy?

They appear to be conflicted about the whole orgy thing, according to “Page Six.” They have rules barring more than three official guests in a room, which meant that when Palagia [site NSFW!!], an organizer of swingers parties, tried to book a room, they were rejected. “It’s insane,” said a rep for the club. “Why not? My guests would love to be seen having sex.” To which a hotel rep said: “Whoa! There must have been a misunderstanding. We’ll investigate further.”

When you get done with your investigation, guys, can you tell us all when they’re checking in? We’re pretty sure everyone else has some investigating they’d like to do, too.

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Standard Hotel Rejects Orgy