miracle on the hudson

The Miracle on the Hudson Plane Auction Has Been Mysteriously ‘Postponed Indefinitely’

A couple of months ago, the damaged Miracle on the Hudson plane was put up for auction by Chartis, a subsidiary of AIG. A few weeks later, the listing was removed, and a note was posted on the auction website promising an explanation at some future date. At the time, we called Chartis to find out why the listing was taken down, and were given more evasive non-answers than you can shake a stick at, such as, “I think the note speaks for itself,” which it did not. Clearly, something strange was going on. Why all the secrecy about some mangled aircraft? We were intrigued, but, stonewalled, we moved on with our lives. Until today, when, for some reason, we checked to see if that promised explanation had been posted. And it had been, all the way back on March 12, although as far as we can tell, nobody has noticed yet.

The update, however, is mysteriously vague, and does nothing to clarify what happened with the auction. All we know is that, for reasons unknown, it has been “postponed indefinitely” and its bids “suspended.”

Following our recent online posting announcing the auction sale of N106US, we must respectfully advise that the auction has been postponed indefinitely. Bids previously submitted will be suspended until further notice. Interested parties should monitor the Chartis Aerospace website for additional details in the future.

Thank you for your interest in this aircraft.


The Miracle on the Hudson Plane Auction Has Been Mysteriously ‘Postponed Indefinitely’