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Times: Paterson Helped Draft Statement for Booker to Endorse

David Paterson has no doubt been sitting pretty while the health-care behemoth has monopolized the headlines and — more important — stolen away the attention of his BFFs at the New York Times. But the Times wasted no time getting right back to its favorite topic tonight now that the health-care bill is behind us.

The paper is reporting that the governor allegedly helped to draft a statement last month that he hoped Sherr-una Booker would endorse, according to three unnamed Times sources. In this statement, Booker — who had accused Paterson aide David Johnson of assault — would have said she was not the victim of any physical harm and that the breakup was “unfriendly but not violent.”

The Times says Booker refused to sign the document after it was e-mailed to her by a mutual friend of Paterson and Booker, explaining she would not endorse a “lie.” Paterson was “disappointed” by Booker’s refusal to sign the statement, according to the paper, though it is not clear exactly how much he knew at this point.

It is unclear, however, if at the time he was told that she had characterized it as “a lie,” the people with knowledge of the administration’s handling of the episode said. It is also unclear if Mr. Paterson then knew all of the details of what Ms. Booker had told the police was a violent assault on Oct. 31 in the Bronx apartment she shared with Mr. Johnson.”

Of course, Paterson’s conduct in the case is currently under criminal investigation; frankly, though, he’s probably more scared of the Times reporting staff at this point.

Paterson Seen With Key Role in Response to Aide’s Abuse Case [NYT]

Times: Paterson Helped Draft Statement for Booker to Endorse