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Toby Keith Wasn’t Interviewed by Sarah Palin Either

After LL Cool J’s Twitter outburst that Fox News was going to be using an old interview with the rapper during Sarah Palin’s Real American Stories program, now country singer Toby Keith - who was also listed as a guest for tomorrow night’s show - has come out with a similar claim, via his publicist.

I have no idea what interview they are using. Toby’s talked to Fox a number of times, and I had no idea that this was going to be on Sarah Palin’s special. Fox has never contacted me — not now, not when they were putting this together, not at all. I have no idea what they’re using,” Keith’s publicist told the Times, emphasizing that Keith has never been interviewed by the former governor.

After LL’s griping, Fox News (sassily) announced the network would be cutting his segment from the show. Well, this solves the mystery of how Palin’s going to fill eight episodes of her upcoming Alaska reality show: lots of repurposed footage from Planet Earth!

Publicist for Toby Keith Also Baffled by Interview on Palin Show [Arts Beat/NYT]

Toby Keith Wasn’t Interviewed by Sarah Palin Either