Tom Cruise Crashes on Oscar Day

To keep security tight at last night’s Vanity Fair post-Oscar bash, undercover CIA agents were supposedly hired to keep watch on the glittering celebs (after bomb-sniffing dogs had already scoured the Sunset Towers Hotel earlier in the day). Shaun White joined Graydon and Hollywood’s finest, sporting patriotic spandex, while a waiter stepped on Carey Mulligan’s train and Kate Beckinsale avoided her ex on the red carpet. Jamie Foxx, meanwhile, schmoozed with a slew of ladies as Kid Rock chilled with his guys, and Jessica Simpson showed up on the arm of her hairdresser/BFF. Chesley Sullenberger also made a cameo at the party, along with a preggers Amy Adams, Jerry Seinfeld, Meryl Streep, and host Steve Martin (we’re not sure where Alec Baldwin scurried off to). Miley Cyrus (whose mother was busy showing off her back tattoo) strutted her stuff at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation party while Victoria Beckham gave her “arch-rival,” British reality star Katie Price, an icy stare. George Clooney made it through the three-plus-hour awards show by sipping from a flask he stowed in his tux jacket. In the lobby of the Kodak Theatre, Jake Gyllenhaal introduced Rachel McAdams to a friend as “the mother of [his] child,” while D.J. Joel Madden spent the night spinning from a private box next to the stage. And amid the pre-Oscar mayhem, Tom Cruise crashed his red Ducati while trying to avoid a car at a Beverly Hills intersection, causing the star to limp off his bike as onlookers scurried to his aid (we imagine said onlookers had a fun story to tell their friends).

Being named Best Supporting Actor has its perks. A “young beauty” offered Christoph Waltz a happy ending at Harvey Weinstein’s pre-Oscar party, and that was even before he’d been given his award. The actor “looked amused” but politely declined, then proceeded to mingle among Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, Tom Ford, and Quentin Tarantino. Before accepting her Best Actress award, Sandra Bullock also picked up a Razzie for Worst Actress in her comedy flop All About Steve. Best Actor Jeff Bridges also won an Independent Spirit Award, and celebrated the occasion by playing the piano with Andy Garcia. Oprah stole the limelight from Mo’Nique at a M.A.C. cosmetics party honoring the Oscar winner, causing guests to “flip out” when she walked in the room. But Mo’Nique didn’t seem to mind. She requested that Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” be cranked up on the sound system as she conga-lined through L.A.’s Phillippe Chow. Though Barbara Walters denies it, sources say Walters has been complaining to friends about Mo’Nique’s rude behavior during their interview, which was such an issue that Walters’s producer had to step in to mediate the drama (which started with a 2006 scuffle on The View).

Rapper/actor Common fawned over Serena Williams at Haven360’s party for Precious director Lee Daniels, caressing her lower back. And Kendra Wilkinson was swooning over 80-year-old Buzz Aldrin at OK!’s pre-Oscar party, referring to him as “The man on the moon.”

Following a failed celebrity D.J. gig, Lindsay Lohan showed up too late to claim her front-row seat at Christian Dior’s Paris Fashion Week show, and security turned her away. Tiger Woods’s alleged porn-star mistress, Joslyn James, thought the Night of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel was a perfect time for her to “finally be out in public,” along with her lawyer and 55 Playboy playmates. She also noted that she’s “happy that Tiger and Elin are patching things up.” Country crooner Brad Paisley fell onstage while singing his finale, “Alcohol,” during a South Carolina concert, landing him in the hospital. And Kate Middleton’s cocker spaniel swallowed the pearl earrings Prince William gave her, so she searched through his excrement to find them.

Tom Cruise Crashes on Oscar Day