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Vikram Pandit Is Doing Krishna’s Work

Goldman Sachs’s Lloyd Blankfein isn’t the only CEO doing God’s work. In rebuilding Citigroup, India-born CEO Vikram Pandit is also observing the orders of a higher power. “Doing the right thing for all our stakeholders — our clients, our shareholders, but also other parts of society,” is Vikram’s top priority right now, he tells the FT today.

And who instilled this in him?

This belief was shaped by my Eastern upbringing, the belief that if you don’t do right now you will pay in the next life, and the importance I attach to reputation and credibility.

In other words, he has a terrible fear of being reincarnated as a Citigroup cardholder on the wrong side of an interest-rate increase.

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Vikram Pandit Is Doing Krishna’s Work