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We’re Sure Ed Westwick Had Every Cause to Go Loco on a Fellow Diner

Today Gatecrasher has a lengthy story about how Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick went bonkers over a customer who was using his camera near the actor in the restaurant Los Feliz. The column takes him to task for overreacting and says the customer was just using the camera to take pictures of his own friends. (Side note: What is it about Westwick and Mexican food? The last time he was spotted getting into an altercation it was at a place called, fittingly, “El Guapo” in Los Angeles.) “I thought it was a joke,” says the customer, who claimed not to know who “Chuck Bass” is. “I went over to him and asked him who he thought he was, and he dissolved into a fit of rage.”

Our level of belief in this customer’s story is hovering at about 10 percent, and here’s why: First of all, even the president knows who Chuck Bass is. But nice try, buddy. And second, what, do you think we were born yesterday? We know the whole “I’m pretending to take a picture of my friends but really I’m just taking a picture of a celebrity in the background” trick. EVERYBODY knows that trick. A couple of years back, while reporting our groundbreaking story on Gossip Girl for New York, Intel had lunch with Chace Crawford in Chelsea, and for the first time experienced this phenomenon from the other side. Guys, it is so obvious when you do it. Sometimes, celebrities will just acknowledge the situation and pose for a pic, for fun. Other times, they’ll ignore it, because it’s harmless. And other times, they go a little mad in Mexican restaurants.

But don’t think you’re fooling anybody, random customer at Los Feliz who is the kind of person who calls items in to gossip columns. We know you’re a Fake Friend Picture Taker. Now leave Chuck Bass alone! He has enough problems on his plate, what with the employee sexual harassment suit and the tacos chimichurri, which are almost definitely going to cause problems for him in about 45 minutes.

’Gossip Girl’s’ Ed Westwick flips out in Los Feliz when fellow diner takes photos [NYDN]

We’re Sure Ed Westwick Had Every Cause to Go Loco on a Fellow Diner