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Woods Mistresses: Tiger Was Cheap, Randy, Gross

In a lengthy Vanity Fair profile this month, writer Mark Seal interviews many of the mistresses who say they had long-term affairs with Tiger Woods. We thought most of the tawdry details had already been aired (these ladies, after all, are at the point of publicity whoredom where they are having beauty-pageant competitions against one another), but no! Leave it to Vanity Fair to find more muck all the way at the bottom of the lake. For example! Seal reveals that Tiger was so cheap with his ladies that he only ever bought Mindy Lawton one thing: a chicken wrap from Subway. Meanwhile, he would go on lavish gambling sprees in Las Vegas with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, who his friends tried to warn him were bad role models.

Also, one of the times the National Enquirer caught him with a mistress (long before they actually printed the story — as has been reported before, his people delayed them by promising an exclusive to sister mag Men’s Fitness), it was just before a golf tournament. At 5:30 in the morning. And even though she was having her period, Woods insisted on having sex with her in his car. In a parking lot. Of a church. Just to make sure they had the right evidence, the supermarket tabloid found her tampon and saved it.

Being a Tiger Woods mistress was a lot less glamorous than you thought, huh? And let’s not even talk about being a gossip reporter.

Tiger Woods’s Inconvenient Women [VF]

Woods Mistresses: Tiger Was Cheap, Randy, Gross