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You Might Get Turned On At Murray Hill Gynecologist Andrew Scheinfeld’s Office

Inspired by his own sex life, which was enhanced by the use of vibrators, Murray Hill–based OB/GYN Andrew Scheinfeld decided to become the first American in his field to sell a line of sex toys. But because some women might feel awkward having a man who resembles a hairless version of Christopher Lloyd’s character in Back to the Future demonstrate how said items work, he leaves the hard sell to Brenda Catapano, 47, his “bosomy and effervescent” officer manager whom Details reports “tackles the job with infectious relish.”

And so she does. From Details:

This is a keeper,” she purrs, pressing a murmuring cock ring up against a visiting reporter’s belly. “Whenever I introduce it to the ladies and gentlemen, I always have them feel it, touch it, play with it.” She pulls open the rubber ring to show how it fastens around the penis and then stretches it wider to illustrate how a guy would wrap it around his testicles, too. “Vibrating against the skin back there, on the gentlemen—definitely a step up,” she says. She pulls out a thick, curved prong known as Billy and talks about one macho husband who, after much resistance, succumbed to Billy’s prostate-massaging charms. “He was like, ‘Okay, you were right,’” she recalls. “‘What else you got for me, girlfriend?’” When there’s shy resistance, it’s not unusual for Catapano to show off some erotic drawings by the artist Carolyn Weltman to help loosen things up. (“Isn’t that beautiful?” she says of one portrait of a woman in a bustier and garters giving a guy mouth-to-member resuscitation.)

Dr. Feelgood [Details]

You Might Get Turned On At Murray Hill Gynecologist Andrew Scheinfeld’s Office