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Bankers Rescue Children From Burning Building

Early yesterday morning, a fire broke out in the apartment below the Upper East Side home of David and Sally Bednar. The parents of three four acted quickly and bravely to save their children from the blaze. Or so they say.

There’s something suspicious about the report in the Post. Two things, actually.

I smelled the smoke and woke my husband and said, ‘There’s a fire! Get all the kids!’ ” recalled Sally Bednar, a chief operating officer at Morgan Stanley.

Once we went down one flight, it was pitch dark. You couldn’t see anything, and you couldn’t breathe. We ran up. We knew our only escape was to the roof.”

We knew the financial industry would do anything to improve its public image right now. But is it possible they’ve begun setting fire to their own homes? That is next level.

Husband-and-wife bankers save kids from UES house fire [NYP]

Bankers Rescue Children From Burning Building