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Bill Clinton Says He and Hillary Are ‘Too Old’ for Supreme Court

A week after the White House shot down rumors that Hillary Clinton was being considered for the vacant Supreme Court seat, hubby Bill said today neither he nor Hillary would be right for the job for one reason: They’re too old.

I’d like to see [Obama] put someone in there, late 40s, early 50s, on the court, and someone with a lot of energy for the job,” Clinton, 63, said on ABC’s This Week today. “And I don’t think that [I’d] be a good choice.”

He said that while his wife, who is 62, would be a “great” Supreme Court justice and “at one point in her life she might have been interested in it,” he said that she would agree with his advice for Obama “to appoint someone 10, 15 years younger.” Additionally, Clinton said, Bill and Hillary would rather be “doing” things, as opposed to sitting in a boring ol’ courtroom all day.

So in yet another display of his Clinton-ish powers, Bill managed to essentially call his wife old and the Supreme Court lazy in one interview without coming off like a total schmuck.

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Bill Clinton Says He and Hillary Are ‘Too Old’ for Supreme Court