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Photos of Bloomberg’s House in Bermuda

Today’s New York Times contained an article detailing Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s double life in Bermuda. We dug up some new photos of the mayor’s massive mansion on the island that reveal his personal putt-putt course and other highlights of his sweet crib in paradise. Mayor Mike purchased his Stokes Bay estate in 1998. He demolished the house that was originally on the property and replaced it with a custom-built approximately 6,000-square-foot mansion that cost $10 million. Botelho Wood Architects is a Bermudan firm that did some of the work on Stokes Bay. Their website features several photos that let us get a closer look at the mayor’s beachfront digs in Bermuda.

The Botelho Wood Architects website describes the mayor’s estate as a “high-end home using local craft and materials.” Thick foliage and a steep incline shield Stokes Bay from view.

This photo shows what seems to be a mini-golf course in Bloomberg’s backyard.

Stokes Bay is surrounded by landscaped tropical gardens.

Even the sinks at the Stokes Bay are pimped out.

Bloomberg’s spread includes swimming pools as well as his own private beach.

Bloomberg’s neighbors in the exclusive Tucker’s Town enclave include Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and H. Ross Perot. The mayor’s daughters reportedly also purchased their own tropical pieds-à-terre in the elite enclave. In 2006, Emma and Georgina Bloomberg filed an application to buy “the Jungle,” a 1.7-acre property two houses down the road from Stokes Bay that was owned by the mayor’s friend and business partner Hugh Lowenstein.

Gated entranceways keep unauthorized guests off the road that passes Stokes Bay and, when he’s in Bermuda, the mayor pays to have two members of his NYPD security detail flown in and housed at a nearby hotel. In spite of the high security, there is one way to try to get a closer look at the Bloombergs in Bermuda. Vacation rentals are available at “Airborne,” the estate next door to both the mayor’s estate and his daughters’ Bermuda home. Curious onlookers can book a stay at Airborne for as low as $400 a week.

Photos of Bloomberg’s House in Bermuda