Did You See Our Cameo on High Society Last Night?

CR: But the problem was, the way they edited it was nothing like the way it happened. Particularly with regards to what you wrote afterward.
MV: Right, which is probably why they didn’t even show or read the whole item.
CR: Why don’t you remind us of exactly what went down.
MV: Well I showed up at The Four Seasons restaurant for this benefit in hopes of some free tartare and I was like, “OMG, Devorah Rose. Friend of Bethenny, lover of underage P.C. Might as well talk to her.” Immediately she was all “Would you mind talking to me on camera?” and I was actually like, “Um I kind of would … this wasn’t my reality show outfit … but okay, whatever, fine.” And the light was ON.
MV: I ran through a few questions like “Are we on a reality show right now? If so, which one?” And she kind of ignored those and made this face like, “Wow, what a total NOOB this kid is, mentioning a reality show while he’s on one! Jesus … ” But then she basically segued into how she hates Tinsley Mortimer, like, pretty much out of nowhere.
CR: You never mentioned Tinsley’s name?
MV: Never! And generally you have to kind of bargain with celebrities before they start bad-mouthing other celebrities.
CR: Well, to be fair, on the show it did seem like she was insanely going after Tinsley for no reason, out of the blue. But they characterized our item as though you had bought into her act. When in fact the item was specifically about how transparent and fake it was.
MV: Totally. And also, right, I did that whole kind of standing awkwardly and smiling and nodding agreeably thing … I wasn’t going to stop the woman
CR: Yeah, you have to do that monkey act for people sometimes. It’s so degrading. Once I did that whole shtick with Lauren Bacall when I had no idea what she was talking about, and she picked up on it and bitched me out in front of all these people.
MV: It’s generally my reporter M.O. though. Maybe my M.O. in most of life, come to think of it. In any case, Devorah didn’t really care if I was listening; I think she just wanted to make sure we printed something mean she said about Tinsley at any cost.
MV: And later, I interviewed Tinsley, who was like “We were never friends. She used her time on camera to try and further her own fame.” (I’m paraphrasing … ) Which is what our item conveyed. The whole thing seemed contrived and ridiculous.
CR: You know Devorah has been texting me about this.
MV: Ha! I’m jealous that she texts you! (Can she get us P.C.’s number?)
CR: She’s warned that we’d be on the show, and then gave the whole, “At the end of the day, it’s just entertainment … simply a TV show” line. Also I got a press release about Devorah last night, from a publicist.
MV: Woman is truly committed to this quest for fame.
CR: From the release:

Devorah is living proof that women have brains behind the beauty and can be both sexy and intelligent since she is a mainstay on the social and editorial scene in her everyday role as Editor-In-Chief of the highly acclaimed Social Life Magazine. The new reality show, while highlighting the spurious social scene of high life Manhattan, is cleverly laced with humor and irony, and Devorah believes it will expose a lot of socialite myths by taking viewers behind the velvet ropes to witness the drama up close so they can make their own judgments.”

MV: Wow! Brains AND beauty!

It seems that no matter what you read lately - newspapers, magazines, blogs - everyone wants to know what Devorah Rose is doing! Dubbed by the NY Post as the real-life ‘Blair Waldorf,’ this beautiful, multi-talented, dazzling young woman is a household word around New York’s elite social circuit as well as for her cameo appearances on ‘NYC Prep’ and ‘Real Housewives of New York City.’ Not just for New York anymore, Devorah is branching out on the national circuit as a co-star in the new CW Reality Show ‘High Society.’

Did You See Our Cameo on High Society Last Night?