Now That We’ve Launched Facebook Connect, It’s Even Easier for You to Comment on

We want to make it easier for Nymag users to comment on articles, review restaurants, and engage with other Nymag readers. To that end, over the weekend, we rolled out a few new features we hope will make the site more social. Here’s what’s new …

1. Log in with Facebook Connect.
You can now use your Facebook credentials to log in to Nymag and create an account. Just click the blue Facebook Connect button. The first time, you’ll be asked a couple of questions. In the future, connecting will only require a single click.

Already have an account? We encourage you to connect it with Facebook to take advantage of the new features below. Just click the blue Facebook Connect button and it will give you the option to connect your accounts. Don’t worry. You will not lose your Nymag username.

2. Publish your comments and user reviews on Facebook.
You can choose to publish your comments and user reviews (restaurants, bars, stores, etc.) on Facebook at the same time you publish them on Nymag. Just check the box at the bottom of the comment form! Your full comment and a link to the article/listing will appear on your Facebook news feed.

3. Display a photo/avatar next to your comments and user reviews.
If you use Facebook Connect, you can display your Facebook photo on your public Nymag profile and next to your comments and user reviews. It’s simple to turn this on or off at your discretion.

4. Follow your friends on Get more out of your profile.
Your Profile: Your public profile can (if you want) now display your Facebook image; it also includes more of your comments and reviews.

Your Account: It’s now easier to update your information, link/unlink to Facebook, and display an image.

Your Friends (new!): Want a single place to view all of your friends’ Nymag comments and reviews? We’ve added a new “Friends” tab to your membership profile that does just that. Friends are people you’ve “friended” on Facebook who are also registered with

5. Write a review. It’s so much easier.
We’ve dramatically simplified the user-review process. We’ve cut back the number of questions and we’ve added a mini-rating form at the bottom of every listing instead of requiring users to visit another page. Reviewing is now as easy as commenting. And, you can post your reviews to Facebook.

For more information about the new features, see our FAQ. While we’re excited about the new features, we also expect there will be a few bugs. Please e-mail us ( with any problems you encounter using the new features. And, in the comments below, let us know what other features you’d like to see on the site in the future.

Now That We’ve Launched Facebook Connect, It’s Even Easier for You to Comment on