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Report: ‘A Lot of Goldman Sachs’ Employees Are Auditioning for The Apprentice

When it comes to working on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs is the holy grail. Those who make it through the notoriously arduous interview process relinquish much of their personal lives, their identities, and their hair in service of the firm. Drinking in the combination of Old Spice, everything bagel, and money that emanates off of CEO Lloyd Blankfein during his visits to the trading floor is considered not just a workaday experience but a privilege. Which is why it is nothing less than shocking that casting director Scott Salyers told Bloomberg today that a number of God’s bankers have shown up at recent castings for The Apprentice.

New York auditions usually include “a lot of Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, that kind of stuff,” Salyers said.

But, you say, that he lumps them in with Lehman Brothers tells you something. Surely, the Goldman people auditioning were, like those from the bankrupted firm, casualties of crisis-era layoffs, because obviously any feckless moron who would choose to forsake the firm in service of Donald Trump and his ridiculous comb-over would have been deemed by the bald-pated brain trust at Goldman to be unsuitable and pushed out of the nest at the first opportunity, like an animal rejects its deformed young. But NO! The people auditioning, Salyers says, are:

Not necessarily out of work, but maybe they’re stuck in a job they think they’re better than, or they’re not getting the promotion they were promised.”

Unbelievable. They must be the people left over from Winkelreid’s team.

Lehman Castoffs Sleep on Sidewalk, Seek Redemption From Trump [Bloomberg]

Report: ‘A Lot of Goldman Sachs’ Employees Are Auditioning for The Apprentice