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Who Wore the SEC’s Fraud Charges Best?

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and hedge-fund manager John Paulson both stepped out this weekend in the aftermath of the SEC’s allegations that Goldman improperly allowed Paulson to handpick securities he knew to be crappy for an investment vehicle, then peddled said vehicle to Goldman clients without mentioning his involvement.

Regardless of the strength or veracity of the charges, the optics of the situation weren’t good for either man. But we’re not concerned, at the moment, with how they look as people. We’re more interested in how they looked strutting about on the street!

On the left, we have Blankfein, snapped by Bloomberg Television with his wife Laura in front of his apartment at Central Park West, wearing a Steven Spielberg–esque baseball cap pulled low, a dumpy overcoat pulled high, and a sad pallor, pointing into the middle distance — at what, we do not know.

On the right, we have Paulson, decked out in preppy separates on the grounds of a hospital in Southampton to which he has recently made a $5 million donation, his red-rimmed eyes belying his “nothing to hide here” smile.

So who wore the SEC fraud charges best? Two out of two people in the Daily Intel office say Paulson. Your thoughts in the comments!

Who Wore the SEC’s Fraud Charges Best?