Mario Cuomo Breaks It Down for Fox News

Today at Cooper Union, Daily Intel had the pleasure of overhearing a delightful conversation between former mayor governor Mario Cuomo and an intrepid reporter from Fox News. Because it is unlikely that Fox will air the exchange, here is our transcript.

Fox News Reporter: I’m from Fox News.

Mario Cuomo: What does that mean, does that mean you’re not going to lie?

Fox News Reporter: I’ll do my best. In terms of balance between Wall Street, did he cover the right balance in appealing to our interests and locally on a New York level? There’s fear that this so-called demonizing of Wall Street is going to push revenues out of New York, it’s going to be harmful to New York itself—

Mario Cuomo: I don’t want to be an irritation to you, you have to tell me how you define demonizing.

Fox News Reporter: Scapegoating, using them as a scapegoat.

Mario Cuomo: How do you define scapegoating?

Fox News Reporter: Goldman Sachs, picking them specifically for political reasons and singling them out because they are the most widely known and the most successful and saying, “They’re the ones.”

Mario Cuomo: Okay, No. 1, he didn’t have anything to do with that, that was the SEC, he does not control the SEC, is that correct? Of course. The SEC did that, so your example of his demonizing doesn’t work. Now you’re saying the SEC is demonizing.

Fox News Reporter: It’s not me, it’s not me, it’s out there.

Mario Cuomo: No, it’s not out there — it’s not in the atmosphere; it’s either so or not so.

Mario Cuomo Breaks It Down for Fox News