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More Spitzer Book Details: Sexual ‘Superman,’ Sad Silda

As more outlets get a look at the soon-to-be-released Rough Justice, the account of Eliot Spitzer’s rise and fall, more disturbing details have been revealed. Like how, according to one person close to the Spitzers, wife Silda took some of the blame for Eliot’s incessant visits with prostitutes. “On some level, this is my fault,” writer Peter Elkind says she told Lloyd Constantine. “The wife is supposed to take care of the sex. This is my failing.” And how the Cuomos seemed to be aware of his philandering well before the public did, and told advisers the then attorney general had no “honor.” “You don’t understand,” a visibly upset Mario Cuomo told Spitzer aide Darren Dopp. “He’s unfit to be governor. He’s a bad man.” Asked for clarification, Cuomo would only say, “It’s about the relationship between a man and a woman.”

And Eliot Spitzer was having a lot of those. Sometimes several a day! From the Post, which dug up some of the more graphic sections of the book:

On one occasion, George Fox [a.k.a. Spitzer] had booked an appointment in the late morning at the Mark Hotel, on the Upper East Side, just five minutes’ walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As usual, he paid the girl in cash — about $1,200 an hour. Not long after it was over, he called (the booker) back, wanting to see a second escort. ‘Who else is around?’ he asked. (the booker) made the arrangements.

Then, late that afternoon, (Spitzer) called again.

’You’re going to think I’m crazy,’ he began. ‘But can you send somebody else right now?’

And all this time the media was calling him the “Steamroller,” we didn’t know how right we were. He just kept layin’ ‘em out flat, over and over.

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More Spitzer Book Details: Sexual ‘Superman,’ Sad Silda