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Murdoch Accuses MSNBC, CNN, and New York Times of Liberal Bias

Speaking at a public forum tonight, Rupert Murdoch offered his frank take on pretty much every single one of his competitors, positing that rival networks MSNBC and CNN “tend to [consist of] Democrats,” but claiming the people at his own Fox News “are not Republicans.” However, when he was later pressed by a reporter to name a single Democrat that works at the network, he stammered.

“They are certainly there … Greta Van Susteren is certainly close to the Democratic Party. She doesn’t do many political stories. She is just a great journalist … but people who have been involved in Democratic politics and so on, yeah we have people … ”

He went on to discuss recent Fox News host Sarah Palin, claiming that while he doesn’t know how often Fox News chief Roger Ailes plans to use her, he’s pleased with what he’s seen so far.

I know whenever he [has Palin on air] the ratings leap,” he said. “I’m not adverse to high ratings.”

Murdoch saved his most stinging zingers for the Times, though, directly accusing them of an Obama-aided, liberal bias.

I have great respect for the Times except it does have an agenda … [which is] anything Mr. Obama wants. You can see it. You can see it in that the White House pays them off by feeding them stories and so on.”

Murdoch: MSNBC, CNN House Democrats; New York Times Carries Obama’s Water [HuffPo]

Murdoch Accuses MSNBC, CNN, and New York Times of Liberal Bias