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Pedro Espada Storms Off TV Set When Asked About Residence

Granted, he’s coming off a pretty awful week, but Pedro Espada did not exactly help his case this weekend, as the State Senate majority leader angrily fled the set of Channel 2’s Eye of New York mid-interview when Espada — facing state and federal charges for stealing $14 million from his Soundview HealthCare Network — was pressed about allegations that he really lives in Westchester (as opposed to in the Bronx district he represents).

When reporter Marcia Kramer kindly reminded him of an incident last year in which she showed up at his Mamaroneck home and (get ready for this) he put on an orange ski mask, held a baby in front of his face, and then sped off in a car driven by his wife, Espada got testy:

I was not hiding from anybody. I’ve owned that home since 1991,” he said. “This is not a mudslinging session. If you want to make it that, you can come hide in the bushes at my house and you repeat the same thing all over again. Human decency should prevail, even on this show.”

After the commercial break, Espada stormed off the set — and it was caught on tape! It’s kind of fun to watch, though it would be more fun if he were clad in a orange ski mask with prop baby in tow.

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Pedro Espada Storms Off TV Set When Asked About Residence