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Sarah Palin Loves Kicking,Taking Things Old-school

Just a trend we thought you needed to know about: Perhaps in an ill-conceived effort to sound hip, or in an attempt at appealing to nostalgia for a simpler time, Sarah Palin is increasingly using the phrase “kicking it old-school” or “taking it old-school.” This is almost always done as part of a joke that she likes to make at speeches about scribbling notes on her hands. Usually how it goes is she’ll display her hands and declare that she is “kicking it old-school” or “taking it old-school” with a “poor man’s TelePrompTer.”

In a speech at a March 12 fund-raiser, Palin said she’d been “busted for using a poor man’s TelePrompTer. I was just kicking it old-school.” At a campaign stop for John McCain on March 26, she said that it’s “time to take it old-school again, resort to the old poor man’s version of the TelePrompTer.” The next day at a Tea Party rally in Nevada, she proclaimed, “No TelePrompTer, time to kick it old-school!” During an event with Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on April 7, Palin once again referred to her palm notes as “a poor man’s version of a TelePrompTer — we’re still kicking it old-school.” Then during her speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference two days later, she mentioned the notes again, and, almost as an afterthought, added, “Taking it old-school, poor man’s TelePrompTer.”

If this were just a completely unfunny joke that Palin seems way too fond of, that would be one thing. But now it’s spreading. In her “Time 100” write-up of Glenn Beck, Palin used the phrase to refer to another person’s actions for the first time.

Totally gratuitous use of “kicking it old-school” there! This is getting out of hand, pun intended. Someone needs to have a heart-to-heart with Palin and let her know that this is not a phrase people use. Preferably one of her children, since they are probably embarrassed.

Sarah Palin Loves Kicking,Taking Things Old-school