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Steele’s Former Adviser Says His Resignation ‘Would Be Good’

You know things aren’t looking so hot when your former advisers are coming out against you. GOP strategist and CNN analyst Alex Castellanos, who came on to advise Steele about four months ago, essentially urged the party’s chairman to step down today in an appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s show. Castellanos said Steele has lost the support of both politicians in Congress and (more importantly, he says) the party’s major donors.

I think what you’re going to see is you’re going to see some of the members of the Republican Executive Committee … are going to have to have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment … and either come to terms with Chairman Steele on what he’s going to do and conduct himself through the next election, or else take a different direction. And I think sometimes a change in leadership would be a good thing,” Castellanos said. “For the good of the party [Steele resigning] would be good.”

This blow comes amid Steele’s not exactly adept handling of this latest controversy.

Alex Castellanos Turns On Steele; Urges Resignation [HuffPo]

Steele’s Former Adviser Says His Resignation ‘Would Be Good’