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Syracuse Students Protest Jamie Dimon by Dancing, Facebooking

A group of Syracuse students is protesting the university’s choice of lush-lipped, smooth-talking, upstanding JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon as commencement speaker this year, due to the recent bailout of the banks, the banking industry’s raping of the economy at large, and the “anti-environmental and anti-humanitarian interests of JPMorgan Chase” in general. The group leading the charge is Students for a Democratic Society, an incarnation of the group of the same name whose nonviolent protests against segregation and the Vietnam War made a lasting impact in the sixties, so you might imagine that these students are planning on demonstrating their views in a powerful, moving way.

You would be wrong. On April 14, for example:

The protest will be in the form of a dance party called the “Take Back Commencement Rally.”

Also, they have a Facebook group. But you know, please. If these kids don’t want Jamie to come to their school, we think it’s because they haven’t seen the above photo.

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Syracuse Students Protest Jamie Dimon by Dancing, Facebooking