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Woods Arrives at Augusta, Media Brigade Follows

If the scrutiny of Tiger Woods’s practice round today at Augusta National is any indication, we are in for a truly ridiculous (if expected) amount of Tiger Coverage this week at the Masters. Woods, on a golf course for the first time since the scandal broke in November, played a practice round with fellow golfer Mark O’Meara, which was detailed by pretty much every news outlet in obsessive fashion.

Even the Times got caught up in the Tiger spectacle, breathlessly describing every last detail of his appearance:

Looking trim and fit, Woods arrived at the club’s newly unveiled practice facility about 40 minutes before he teed off. There he greeted some players, including Paul Casey, and stood for a few moments in solitude, gazing into the distance before hitting a few wedge shots, a few 3-wood shots and a few putts. Clad in an outfit as light as his mood — purple shirt, beige pants and a white cap — Woods displayed a demeanor that was easy and free of angst. His only interaction with the news media was a brief locker room quip toward two reporters who were watching him hit practice balls.”

Woods will hold a press conference Monday at 2 p.m., which is so oversubscribed that each news outlet will only be allowed to send one reporter. Though, given his reluctance to divulge in the past (to put it mildly), we’re not sure what all the hubbub’s about.

Anticipating the intense scrutiny, Woods will be accompanied by a group of 90 (!) bodyguards this week, all of whom, somewhat amusingly, were reportedly sent pictures of all of Tiger’s alleged mistresses, presumably in case any of them come jumping out of trees or bunkers.

Woods Practices for Masters, and All Is Quiet [NYT]

Woods Arrives at Augusta, Media Brigade Follows