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Yahoo! News Adds Gawker Reporter to Ranks

Yesterday the Times took a look at Yahoo! News’ original content project. The online giant has hired about a dozen reporters and producers from other outlets and launched a Washington, D.C. bureau. “The journalists have been hired to create original articles and videos on topics like politics and media,” explained the Times. “The coverage will complement the news articles that Yahoo licenses from other media organizations and brings together on its site.” So who’s on the roster? We saw Michael Calderone leave Politico earlier this week. And today we learn that John Cook has left Gawker for the new project. The rest of the names are a bit less high-profile.

Here’s the rest of the list we know so far:

Social Media/News:
Anna Robertson: Former Emmy-winning producer for ABC News.
Violet Mae Lim: Former media strategist.

Jane Sasseen: Former Washington bureau chief for Business Week.

Russ Walker: Former executive director of Grist and an editor at
Jeff Pyatt: Former managing editor of
Andrew Golis: Former deputy publisher of
Chris Lehmann: Current editor of Bookforum.
Brett Michael Dykes: Briefly of Gawker and Animal New York.

Eric Adelson: Former ESPN the Magazine writer.

Courtney Reimer: Formerly of MTV and VH1 radio networks.

Yahoo! News Adds Gawker Reporter to Ranks