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Administration Cuts Funding of Two 9/11 Health Studies

Two studies examining the health of individuals who responded to the 9/11 terror attacks have been stymied by the Obama administration withholding money required for their completion, according to the Daily News. The funding was expected to be included as part of an Office of Management Budget package released last week to keep 9/11 treatment programs running. But when the package was announced, there was no support for a survey of responders on the September 11 health registry or for a study examining the extent to which the exposure to ground zero toxins may have raised the chances of those working on the site of getting cancer.

Several state reps wasted no time in hounding the administration about the withheld money:

We are very concerned that OMB did not approve the additional funds necessary to complete a third wave survey (of responders) that would allow us to know how this population across the country is faring and what medical issues they are experiencing,” they wrote in a letter. “We would also like to know why funding was not released for the vitally important cancer study that would help determine if those exposed are facing an increase in cancers, as is expected by many in the medical community.”

An OMB spokesman said officials were considering the letter, and emphasized that the administration looks forward to “continuing to work with New York City and other officials to provide care and support for those affected by the attacks of 9/11.”

President Barack Obama budget office cuts funds for 9/11 health studies on WTC rescue workers [NYDN]

Administration Cuts Funding of Two 9/11 Health Studies