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Arki Busson Just Wants Someone Who Can Make Him Laugh

To be sure, the fact that he wears “bangles on his left wrist” and sports a “hairy chest bursting from [his] crisp, open-neck shirt” does raise some red flags. That the mother of his two children is Elle Macpherson is intimidating, and the fact he is apparently back together with Uma Thurman might deter certain weak-willed women. But everyone knows that relationships with movie stars never last, and other than the aforementioned, Arpad “Arki” Busson is eminently datable, according to the personal ad written about him by Andrew Davidson in the Times of London. For instance:

• His pet charity, Absolute Return for Kids, raised £14 million last week alone. (Yes, the name spells out ARK, which is his name, but that wasn’t his idea, it was the board’s, and he can’t help it if people thought it would be cute.)
• He keeps “chilled Evian in the seat pockets” of his car.
• He travels abroad two weeks in four (so you can watch It’s Complicated and not get any crap about it).
• He is a well-rounded man with varied interests: “I love swimming, fishing, skiing, all the outdoor stuff,” Busson says. “And I spend my money on art and philanthropy, and having a good time with friends.” (Needless to say, he is just as happy renting a movie and ordering takeout as he is going out to a fancy gala, and as comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt as a dress and high heels, etc.)
• He is worth £160 million. Not that that matters.

Best of all, he is open to meeting someone just like you!

Perhaps he should practise falling in love with someone short, dark and unknown. “Why not?” he puffs his cheeks. “So long as she makes me laugh.”

Oh, did we say “you”? We meant “us.”

Arpad Busson, chairman of EIM [Times via Dealbreaker]

Arki Busson Just Wants Someone Who Can Make Him Laugh