As Expected, Syracuse Students Won Over by Jamie Dimon

So much for Syracuse students’ protest of Jamie Dimon’s commencement speech this weekend. After the JPMorgan CEO had an “in-depth discussion” with Mariel Fiedler, the ringleader of the anti-bank group, only twelve students actually disrobed, the local newspaper reports dispiritedly, and none of them were naked underneath their gowns. Instead, they appeared totally charmed by Dimon’s Real Talk. (“Throughout my life, throughout this crisis, I’ve seen many people bury themselves by failing to stand up, being mealy mouthed and simply going along with the pack,” he told them, adding, without mentioning Vikram Pandit’s name, that they should endeavor to not become“lapdogs or sycophants.”) “Despite all their so-called anger about the financial crisis and the evils of our industry,”an anonymous banker scoffed of the scene, “given the chance most of them would have handed Jamie their résumés!”

In the end, they pelted him with sex toys.

After he finished by congratulating the class of 2010, he received more than a minute of applause. Some members of the audience and students stood up, while other students, still seated on the field, threw beach balls, orange balloons and a blow-up doll that were later removed by officials.

Kids today.

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As Expected, Syracuse Students Won Over by Jamie Dimon