Faisal Shahzad Radicalized by War on Terror

The more we learn about wannabe Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, the more normal he seems. He lived in a normal house with a normal family and held down a normal job. But somewhere along the way that normalcy was disrupted, and Shahzad developed into a radical, would-be terrorist. The Daily News has details on what might have turned Shazad.

According to “a source who was briefed on the investigation,” Shazad was “slowly radicalized as events piled up — the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, Muslim brothers being killed, innocent people being hit by drones from above.” The paper also spoke with a neighbor who said Shazad got into an argument at a party last year about predator drones, yelling at a fellow reveler that, “They shouldn’t be shooting people from the sky … they should come down and fight.”

According to a family member of Shazad’s, he wasn’t religious when he moved to the U.S., “but he was when he came back.” The Daily News also spoke with a former FBI profiler who said the evidence points toward Shazad being upset with his inability to achieve success in the U.S., which made him turn to terrorism.

Last June things started falling apart. His home was foreclosed on and he quit his job. Then in the fall he traveled to Pakistan to get bomb training and returned in the U.S. in February with evil plans and an evil signature.

Confessed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad’s hatred stemmed from personal failure, war on terror [NYDN]

Faisal Shahzad Radicalized by War on Terror