times square bomb scare

Giuliani: Bomb Attempt ‘Brings Back Memories’ of 9/11

Rudy Giuliani stopped by Larry King tonight to discuss the Times Square bomb attempt, and, unsurprisingly, he made sure to emphasize a link between the incident and September 11, which he claimed “people want to forget about” but is very much “still with us.”

As we get further away from it, we kind of think it’s part of our past and it isn’t yet,” the former mayor said. “It will be some day. Some day, it will be part of our history like Pearl Harbor is part of our history, but this is an ongoing menace that we continue to face.”

Additionally, he went on to question the decision of the investigation to publicly reveal information relating to Faisal Shahzad’s confession.

I don’t know why so much information about his cooperating has come out,” he said. “All it does is warn people that he might cooperate against … to hide, run away, do things to protect themselves.”

Giuliani: Bomb Attempt ‘Brings Back Memories’ of 9/11