Mischa Barton Defines Classy

Eliot Spitzer may or may not have dated Elena Kagan while they were both students at Harvard. Justin Bieber is contemplating a new haircut. Before they appeared on her show, Oprah allegedly got Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to admit that they’re dating, but the cameras weren’t rolling at the time. When asked at the party for Derek Blasberg’s Classy: Exceptional Advice For The Extremely Modern Lady how she knows when she’s found a “classy” guy, Mischa Barton responded, “When he pays for shit.”

Bethenny Frankel went into labor a month early and birthed an expectedly petite daughter, Bryn Hoppy. Heidi Klum and Seal tied the knot for the sixth time. Mel Gibson supposedly slept with a porn producer eight times while his then-girlfriend was pregnant. Justin Timberlake was overheard backstage at Memphis chatting about how he taped a “secret” segment for the season finale of SNL.

Amanda Peet released a video of her new baby girl, noting, “This is the video where we realize she’s in the state of life where you basically think that everything is a boob.” Michael Lohan is “disgusted” that LiLo’s slated to play porn queen Linda Lovelace in a big-screen version of the Deep Throat star’s life. Michael Bolton’s getting kudos for his collaboration with Lady Gaga, but when Gaga first approached him, he had no idea who she was. Jake Gyllenhaal prepped for Prince of Persia by playing lots of video games. Brooklyn Decker displays her acting skills on the set of Just Go With It by diving into a pool of water wearing a skimpy minidress. John Legend and the Roots performed at A&E’s upfront party at the IAC Building, but when Bob Saget was spotted chatting with a guy who looked just like John Mayer, everyone started buzzing that Mayer was going to make a surprise performance, but it was just John’s brother, Carl.

Sarah Palin and Oliver Stone continue to disagree over whether or not Palin shook Stone’s hand when they met backstage at SNL. Colin Hanks, up-and-coming actor and son of Tom, married his New York–based publicist girlfriend in West Hollywood, drawing guests like Steven Spielberg. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski sipped Chardonnay at Wine & Roses on Columbus. Rachel Zoe joined Kate Hudson’s table at Kenmare Saturday night. Former flame of Paris Hilton, Stavros Niarchos, celebrated his 25th at Brinkleys with Hilary Rhoda, Jessica Hart, and Josh Hartnett. Hartnett then flirted with an Australian model at Southside but left solo. Joaquin Phoenix ripped off his shirt after walking his dog.

Mischa Barton Defines Classy